Make a Booking

You can create events and place room booking using our indico page here

Login with your JGU/HIM account credentials is preferred. Note that you'll be redirected to the University identity provider.

You can use the room booking module to reserve one of the conference/meeting rooms. In general the conference room in the ground floor 131, 133 and 135 require confirmation by the HIM administration.

Conference Rooms Manuals:

Here you'll find the manuals for the conference rooms on the ground floor.


Overview about all rooms:

Conference Calls

Skype for Business

The ZDV provides a fully features conference system, which enables to bring together a number of up to 200 attendees together. You can join with a standard telefone, Skype for Business client or via web browser (Windows / MacOS) as a guest. This service is free of charge and does not require any pre registration - simply use your university/HIM credentials to start and set up a conference:

  1. Log in:
  2. Share your personal conference link and start the conference with this link. 


H323 Meetings

Conference or video calls are also possible with the H 323 video codec. A remote server and special software (eg for conference calls is necessary and is not provided by us or university. calls (GSI)

(More information here)

  1. Create a meeeting via the eZuce client (not provided by us).
  2. Next either invite the video codec:
    1. enter the meeting and
    2. call the Video-Codec's IP from within the software. Answer that call from the video codec and enjoy.
  3. OR join the meeting with the codec by calling <meeting id> with the video codec.



See guide:

For Calls to CERN: Place a video call to You might later have to enter your credentials for this particular call -- you get these from CERN.

For BESIII Members:

            e.g. Charmonium group meeting: 00624612


Meetings with our build in video codecs are possible via H323 or SIP. Just dial the correct number and join the meeting.


General Hints

  • If you need to generate touch tones (DTMF tones) when you are in a call, press the # key on your remote control twice (IR remote only once) and a message displays “Touch tones are enabled.” Then use the number keys to enter numbers.

Phone Numbers of Meeting and Conference Rooms

All of our meeting and conference rooms are now Skype for Business enabled, that means you can start or receive a call easily. Video, conference or audio only calls are also possible. (H.323 is still available, too.)

To start a call, simply call these phone numbers (with the prefix +49 6131 39-). When using your Skype for Business Client from Microsoft (more details on where to download here) you can even see do a video call. 


Here are the SIP phone numbers:

HIM Besprechung-Video 03 143: 29611 (sip:conf-him-01(at)
HIM Besprechung-Video 02 111: 29682 (sip:conf-him-02(at)
HIM Besprechung-Video 01 149: 29705 (sip:conf-him-03(at)
HIM Besprechung-Video 00 153: 29737 (sip:conf-him-04(at)
HIM Besprechung-Video 00 111: 29746 (
HIM Konferenz-Video 131: 29747 (sip:conf-him-06(at)
HIM Konferenz-Video 133: 29748 (sip:conf-him-07(at)
HIM Konferenz-Video 135: 29749 (sip:conf-him-08(at)


Possible connections overview (and workarounds)

Note: To call Consumer Skype from Skype for Business or our Videocodecs add the extension "" to the Skype username, e.g.

 calling to:
Consumer Skypenormal phoneSkype for BusinessVideo codec in meetingroom
calling from:

Consumer Skype

  works partially, use Consumer Skypedoes not work, initiate call from video codec to Consumer Skype!
normal phone  works with audio only
Skype for Businessworks partially (use extension ""), use Consumer Skypepoint to point calls and conference calls (normal phone audio only)
Videocodecworks, but no conference calls (use extension "")

Hints / Limitations

Screen Content Sharing

  • It is currently (as of 4.7.2019) not possible, to share your screen content with the Polycom systems in our meeting rooms during a Skype or Skype for Business call.
  • To be able to share your screen, use either ezuce, h323 or Vidyo.


Projector models in conference area

  • conference rooms 131, 133 and 135: Panasonic, PROJECTOR TYPE    DZ870E
  • conference room 133+135 combined: Panasonic, PROJECTOR TYPE    DZ10KE


Video Codecs

The following models are installed for conferencing:

  • Modell: Polycom RealPresence Group 700
    • with H.323 extension (E.164)
    • supports H.232 und SIP for outgoing calls
    • video H.264 and H.239