Make a Booking

You can create events and place room booking using our indico page here

Login with your JGU/HIM account credentials is preferred. Note that you'll be redirected to the University identity provider.

Ask the HIM administration if you like to book a conference room.


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Conference Rooms Manual


  1. Open the control webpage on the iPad by pressing:
    (Alternatively open http://conference-control.Rest.Him.Uni-Mainz.DE from the provided iPad, not with your device as access is restricted).
    You will see the „Standard“ tab of the webpage.
  2. Lights: Switch on/off be pressing the buttons. Try also the predefined scenarios.
  3. Projector:
    1. Connect your laptop via HDMI with the speakers desk
    2. Switch on the „Projector“ via the web page. Wait up to 30 seconds.
    3. Toggle its power only once an hour to prevent damage.
  4. Audio:
    1. Speaker’s desk mic can be adjusted and muted.
    2. If needed: connect your computer via USB-Audio to the system and adjust it’s volume.
    3. No sound? Make sure the room is not muted via „Mute complete room“.
    4. Wireless mics? Select the „Sound“ tab and control each mic individually.

How to do video calls

  1. Connect your computer with the speaker’s desk and connect it via HDMI and USB-Audio.
  2. Start the call and select „Dante Audio“ as microphone and loudspeaker.



  1. Disconnect all cables from your computer if applicable.
  2. Switch the projector and light off.