HIM hosted the annual retreat of GSI/FAIR research community

End of October, 51 scientists concerned with ongoing and upcoming research at GSI & FAIR met at HIM to discuss research outcomes, planned proposals, beam times, progress of the FAIR-construction site as well as organizational issues on scientific personnel and housing.

Graphic: GSI/FAIR


The most apparent outcome is the decision on the so-called “beam times” at the FAIR/GSI-facilities for the coming years and its regulations:
Three months of beam time will be offered each year from 2020-2023.
Beam time can be requested here:

The G-PAC (General Program Advisory Committee (G-PAC) - an international program advisory committee of GSI,  will be evaluating the experiment proposals. Feasibility criteria have been specified, e.g. concerning technical and scientific capacities of GSI.


News on the scientific activities at FAIR are grouped in four pillars and can be viewed on the respective websites:
APPA - Atomic, Plasma Physics and Applications
CBM - Compressed Baryonic Matter
NUSTAR - Nuclear Structure, Astrophysics and Reactions
PANDA - Physics with High Energy Antiprotons



The progress of the FAIR-construction side can be witnessed in fotos and videos on the GSI-websites