Zero-to-ultra-low-field NMR: ZULF Workshop at HIM

The Budker group hosted a meeting for our collaborators on a Marie Curie-funded ZULF NMR (Zero and UltraLow Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) ITN (Innovative Training Network).

The group of the ZULF-Workshop 18. - 22.4 in Mainz Foto: MAM

This was a one-week event, and featured talks from external speakers Prof. Konstantin Ivanov, Prof. Igor Koptyug, and Prof. Thomas Theis.

The meeting was a huge success, and we are looking forward to hosting a number of the Early-Stage Research Fellows in Mainz for experimental collaboration in the near-future.

In project ZULF, for the first time, scientists plan to connect experts of non-conventional NMR to create a network of zero- and ultra-low-field (ZULF) NMR science. We will gather and synergize scientists working on NMR J-spectroscopy, NMR hyperpolarization, ultra-precise and small-scale magnetometry to enhance the field and train a new generation of NMR researchers.

Detailed information on the H2020-project: