Dear members and friends of HIM,

2020 is coming to an end, Christmas is near. Unfortunately we cannot celebrate our traditional HIM Christmas Party in our foyer this year.

To make up for it, the HIM-director as well as some section leaders submit their Christmas wishes and yearly review in short videos.

We even have some Christmas songs by our famous MAM-band - recorded under strict hygenic rules.

This way, HIM wishes all of you a happy and healthy Christmas time and a good start in 2021!



Please note: Subtitles are available for most of the videos. Click "CC" to enable.

Holiday-feeling fotos of homegrown plants for interdisciplinary research at HIM MAM (the ULTRACHIRAL project).

Spontaneous Emission

Participants: Dr. Kirill Sheberstov, drums; Yinan Hu (a.k.a. “Dr. Hu”), saxophone and percussion; Mahapan Peter Leyser, lead guitar; Dr. Danila Barskiy, bass, mandolin, vocals; and Prof. Dr. Dima Budker on acoustic guitar, vocals, and percussion. Video: Oleg Tretiak.