The only way to obtain an IP address is to register your device with the HIM-IT.

We need the following information:

  1. Hostname: Note that this name should be concise, and unique. E.g. <your user id >-nb1, <your user od >-dt2 , (nb = notebook, dt = desktop, md = mobile device, etc.). Bad names are desktop, schlepptop ...
  2. The socket label you are connecting the device to. This has the following form 0311 < 03 121.05
  3. The working group you want the device to be in, i.e. ACID, EMP, MAM, SHE, SPECF, THFL
  4. Name responsible person for that device, account with the HIM or JGU is mandatory
  5. Indicate wether the device is used in offices or in a lab
  6. MAC address (See guide how to find out your MAC: english | deutsch)

Note that based on the working group network access is granted.

While within a working group we do not restrict network traffic, we do restrict network traffic between different working groups using firewall policies.

All office devices will get a global IP, however by default all access from outside is blocked.

All laboratory devices will get a private IP, which by its nature is not accessible worldwide.

Please be aware that you, as the responsible person of that device, will be held accountable especially in case of misuse of the IP.

In particular your IP may be blocked, in case malicious packets are sent from your device.


We have eduroam access in the building you can find detailed instruction setups for the most common devices under

Note that using Wlan implies, that your device will be connected outside of our firewall. This means the by default you cannot access services within the HIM.