Printing and Scanning

Quick Links

  1. Register your key with the printer
  2. Installation on Windows
  3. Installation on MacOS
  4. Installation on Linux



Some general remarks:

  • The printserver ( runs on Linux with the PaperCut addition
  • There is one common print queue for ALL printers.
  • Choose between the IPP or Samba queue: 
    • "printers/Kyocera_MFP_TASKalfa_3551ci" (for IPP)  OR
    • "\\\Kyocera_MFP_TASKalfa_3551ci_local_install" (for SAMBA) queue
  • Always use the latest print driver versions from the manufacture webpage for Kyocera TASKalfa 3551ci printers.
  • Release each job at the printer of your choice. Either:
  • The printing costs are:
    • per printed DIN A4 0,01€ page (black and white) and 0,06€ (colour). DIN A3 prints are twice the price of DIN A4.
    • Also double sided prints are cheaper and save the environment.
    • The price includes a repair service for the printers, but without paper cost.
  • Please write to it(at) in case of hardware or software problems.
  • There is a general maintenance window every first monday of a month from 09:00 - 11:00 during which printing might be temporarily unavailable.
  • The default printer settings are black&white and double sided.

Printer device access is restricted to regsitered users only. If you are a member of any of the HIM groups you are entitled to print on the devices. Your printing costs will be charged against the groups account.

To setup your printing:

  1. First install the printer on your device
  2. Register your key with the printer


Scan and Copy

All devices are open for you not only to print but also to scan and copy. Log in with your key (see chapter above about printing) and select "Scan" respectively "Device Functions" (to copy). 

Your scans will be send by to your email address or to the samba share "scans" on the computer Navigate to \\\scans\ (on Windows) or smb:// (on MacOS/Linux) to download your scans.


The basis for the temporary storage of user data is Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. f DSGVO. 

Since the printers are in publicly accessible rooms we restrict printer usage to authenticated users only.

Therefore we store the following data for authentication purposes:

  • Userid
  • first and family name
  • group membership (used for accounting purposes)
  • Keynumber (only needed for the job release at the printers)

The following data is stored to mitigate abuse of or to enable certain functionalities of the service

  • Email address (Scan-To-Mail)
  • Print job data
    • Date of print
    • Printer used
    • Number of printed pages
    • Cost of the print job

The print job data is saved for 2 accounting periods, i.e. 6 months, older information is automatically deleted.

You can see the currently saved print job data on the web page:

Please report any abuse of your print account to it(at)

We will investigate the issue and remove the offending entries from the data base.

We do not save the name of the file that was printed or the file to be printed. The file to be printed is deleted after successfull print out. If not printed out within two hours the print job (including file) will be deleted automatically. If scan to folder is used, all files older than a week will be deleted automatically.

Logfiles on the print server are kept for in general not more than two weeks documenting:

  • authentication data, i.e. ip address of the computer, username
  • print job meta data (file size, pages, exit status)

These are necessary for security and debugging purposes.

All of the above data is only used for the purpose of providing the print service and is not shared with a third party.


Possible issues:

  • How to change between color pages/bw under macOS: in the print dialog
    1. make sure, you see all options by pressing "Show details" / "Details einblenden"
    2. Look for the dropdown list which where it says "Layout" and select "printer options" / "Druckeroptionen"
    3. Next, select in the dropdown list "graphics" / "Grafiken"
    4. Now, look for the option "color mode" / "Farbmodus" and select the option you want
    5. Done. Press Print.
  • Link to the original print drivers from Kyocera.
  • If you cannot print at all first try to login here. If the login does not work, i.e. the system does not know you, make sure that you are a member of one of the HIM groups. Please ask the administration to add you to the correct group.
  • You may receive an error 0x000006d1
    Possible Soultions:
    You can change the registry key 

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows NT\Printers] to read
    You can use this patch file alternatively.
    NOTE: A reboot is needed.
    If you feel uneasy patching your registry use the second print share Local Installation and provide print drivers directly.