ZULF-NMR Conference- virtual

We are pleased to announce the 1st Conference on Zero and Ultra Low Field (ZULF) NMR, which will take place on 1- 4 September 2020 via the Microsoft Teams/Live Events platforms. A Virtual poster session is planned on Twitter and will start the week before the conference (24th of August 2020).

The conference addresses students and postdocs as well as specialists across all areas of NMR spectroscopy and imaging with an interest in the emerging field of ZULF NMR.

The first half of the event consists of a series of lectures that cover the basics of ZULF NMR, to provide background and context for those working so far mainly in high-field NMR. The second half is dedicated to talks on current developments in ZULF NMR science and technology, given by leaders in the field.

The 1st ZULF Conference is fully organised by students of the European Training Network ZULF, with the support of the consortium beneficiaries.

Conference Website: