Fundamental Physics at the strangeness frontier at DAΦNE Workshop

The broad international scientific community involved in low-energy strangeness studies is envisaging and proposing new fundamental measurements using the unique kaon beams at DAΦNE. New experimental breakthroughs, parallelized by theoretical progress, can bring us into a new era in the strangeness physics studies with an impact extending from fundamental physics to astrophysics and beyond.


Link to the event website: https://agenda.infn.it/event/25725/overview

Joint THEIA-STRONG2020 and JAEA/Mainz REIMEI Web-Seminar

The cooperation of world-leading experimentalists and theoreticians in the field of strangeness nuclear physics with experts of the neutron star community in astrophysics within the networking activity THEIA of the STRONG2020 project will allow to critically assess the status of our present understanding, to determine the impact of terrestrial observations for the hadronic EOS, and to identify possible new avenues to follow.


The REIMEI program on "Systems with two strange quarks at FAIR and J-PARC" is a collaborative work between Germany and Japan, supported by Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA). REIMEI means "dawn" in Japanese, and the seminar series is intended to highlight topics related to strangeness nuclear physics being studied in Germany, Japan, and other countries.

Link to the event website: https://indico.gsi.de/category/513/

THEIA-STRONG2020 - Workshop 2019

The THEIA-STRONG2020 Workshop 2019 aims to provide a platform for the early exchange of new ideas and scientific results, leading to interlinked and complementary future activities. Particularly significant is the participation of groups from Japan since the facility J-PARC provides unique pion and kaon beams for the experiments in this field and which, therefore, complements the research infrastructure available in Europe.


Link to the event website: https://indico.gsi.de/event/8950/