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Introduction to technical equipment

Introduction to technical equipment

Every 3 months we offer a course on how to get the most out of our equipment.

Next dates:

  • 6.3.2024 10 am
  • 12.6.2024 10 am
  • 18.9.2024 10 am
  • 11.12.2024 10 am


Please drop us a line if you plan to attend: it(at) 

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Conference Rooms Manual


  1. Open the control webpage on the iPad by pressing:
    (Alternatively open http://conference-control.Rest.Him.Uni-Mainz.DE from the provided iPad, not with your device as access is restricted).
    You will see the „Standard“ tab of the webpage.
  2. Lights: Switch on/off by pressing the buttons. Try also the predefined scenarios.
  3. Projector:
    1. Connect your laptop via HDMI with the speakers desk
    2. Switch on the „Projector“ via the web page. Wait up to 30 seconds.
    3. Toggle its power only once a minute to prevent damage.
  4. Audio:
    1. Speaker’s desk mic can be adjusted and muted.
    2. If needed: connect your computer via USB-Audio to the system and adjust it’s volume.
    3. No sound?
      • Make sure the room is not muted via „Mute complete room“.
      • Select "Dante Audio" as sound card on your computer.
    4. Wireless mics? Select the „Sound“ tab and control each mic individually.
  5. Camera in room 00-135:
    1. Connect the blue USB cable on the desk to your computer.
    2. Look out for the "Camera" section and press one of the 3 buttons: "Speaker, Total, Sleep"
    • There is only one camera available: the central one.

How to do video calls

  1. Connect your computer with the speaker’s desk and connect it via HDMI, USB-Audio and USB-Camera.
  2. Start the call and select „Dante Audio“ as microphone and loudspeaker.



  1. Disconnect all cables from your computer if applicable.
  2. Switch the projector and light off.