Installation for macOS

Install the latest drivers


Go to the manufactures webpage and download and install the latest version.

(It is curently called "Mac Universal Driver", "Printer driver for Mac OS")


After completion, proceed.

Adding the Printer

Add a new printer (do NOT choose "virtual print queue @ him-ps" or any other printer in the list advertised):

On the top bar, select "IP". Enter the following values exactly like this: 


Protocol: Internet Printing Protocol - IPP

Queue: printers/Kyocera_MFP_TASKalfa_3551ci

For "Name" and "Location" you can choose any values you like.


Then, select the correct driver by selecting "Software auswählen" and choose "Kyocera TaskAlpha 3551ci" in the next dialog.

Click add and accept the standard values for everything:

Authenticating with the Print System

Double click on the newly added printer to show its print queue:

Go to the menu and print a test page:

Your print job will be held for authentication. Click on the small circular icon to the right to refresh the print order:

The authentication window should pop up. Enter your ZDV username/password and check "Remember pasword":



Your print job should disappear from the queue shortly. You can now release the print job on any device.