Add Postscript Printer Description (PPD) File

First, you will need the PPD file. We stored it for you on a smb share. Hit command-K or open a network address:

Go to 


Then enter your ZDV username/password. We only need to do this once, so you don't need to check "remember password":

And select the folder "drivers other": 

Select the file


Adding the Printer

Go to system settings and select printers:

Add a new printer (do NOT choose "virtual print queue @ him-ps"):

On the top bar, select "IP". Enter the following values exactly like this: 


Protocol: Internet Printing Protocol - IPP

Queue: printers/Kyocera_MFP_TASKalfa_3551ci

For "Name" and "Location" you can choose any values you like. Then, select the ppd file we just copied and use it for this printer. Choose "other":

And select the ppd file:

Click add and accept the standard values for everything:

Authenticating with the Print System

Double click on the newly added printer to show its print queue:

Go to the menu and print a test page:

Your print job will be held for authentication. Click on the small circular icon to the right to refresh the print order:

The authentication window should pop up. Enter your ZDV username/password and check "Remember pasword":



Your print job should disappear from the queue shortly. You can now release the print job on any device.