Delivery of cw-Linac Advanced Demonstrator – the first HELIAC cryomodule

The „Advanced Demonstrator“ is the first cryogenic accelerator module of the future cw linac HELIAC (HElmholtz LInear ACcelerator).

Its 5m long cryostat contains three accelerating cavities of Crossbar H-mode-type, a buncher cavity and two solenoid lenses, all of which can accelerate heavy ions with high efficiency at a temperature of 4 Kelvin in the superconducting state. The cryomodule, which has been delivered on June 7, 2021, is equipped with dummy cavities in addition to the original solenoid lenses.

It is planned to cool down all superconducting components together to 4K within the next 4 weeks and to feed the whole assembly with heavy ion beam from the GSI high charge injector. The three acceleration cavities will be integrated into the cryomodule in the HIM-SRF laboratory next year - final commissioning with beam is planned for mid-2022.