Tools for Physicists / Werkzeuge für Physiker 2023

Be prepared for the real lab work - know how to tackle the problems. 10 independent hands-on topics. Get in touch with the pros in their field. Focusing on thesis starters (Bachelor, Master, PhD), Postdocs welcome.


We are currently compiling all courses. Please return in some weeks for the final program.


Cherry pick the lectures you like most or attend all -- it's up to you. Please register up to one week before the event to allow the tutors enough time for preparation.

Currently in consideration:

  • Technisches Zeichnen by (?) KPH
  • Boost your Analysis with High Performance Computing by Dr. Peter-Bernd Otte, HIM
  • Statistics by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Gradl, HIM/KPH
  • Estimates, Analogies, Storytelling and Handwaving for Physicists by Prof. Dr. Dima Budker, HIM
  • Mathematica by Dr. Michael Distler, KPH (?)
  • 3D Printing and Designing by ? HIM
  • PCB Design with KiCAD by Dr. Peter-Bernd Otte, HIM
  • EM Noise & Interference in Measurement Setups by Dr. Matthias Hoek, KPH (?)
  • Geant 4 by Dr. Ahmed Ali, HIM/KPH (?)


Organiser: Dr. Peter-Bernd Otte