The HIM Research Building

Building Helmholtz Institute Mainz

Space for up to 170 staff members

After the foundation of the first Helmholtz Institute in Mainz in 2009, the German National Science Council (Wissenschaftsrat) has recommended funding for a new research building in 2011 based on the evaluation of the proposal ”Structure, Symmetry and Stability of Matter and Antimatter”.

This has been one of the cornerstones in the evolution of the young institute from an experimental pilot project to permanentization with a continued institutional funding.
The research building ”Structure, Symmetry and Stability of Matter and Antimatter“ is a research building according to Article 91b GG (German Constitution) in the Major Research Instrumentation Program evaluated by the National Science Council.




Funding: Federal (50%) and State (50%)
Building costs: 26.7 M
Costs for equipment and large-scale instrumentation: 8.2 M



Area & Space

Total area 8000m2
Office space 1360m2
Laboratory space   1630m2


79 Offices
1 Clean room facility
9 Laboratories (incl. laser labs and chemistry lab)
1 Faraday cage laboratory
1 Large assembly hall for assembling accelerator components and detectors
1 High performance compute center
1 Interactive, divisible conference room (up to 180 people)
3 Interactive meeting rooms



Major research instrumentation

  • High-performance computing cluster
  • Assembly unit for high purity superconducting accelerator cavities
  • Hyperpolarized nuclear targets for FAIR and FLAIR