Affordable Magnetic Resonance Technologies


We are a diverse team of motivated researchers with expertise ranging from nuclear spin physics to organometallic chemistry and biochemistry. We are advancing nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) by exploring chemistry of hyperpolarized nuclear spins and by developing novel spectroscopic methodology that does not require large magnetic fields. Our group is particularly interested in developing affordable NMR methodology for applications in analytical chemistry and fundamental physics.




Cover art from the journal Analytical Chemistry highlighting our recent paper. The image shows a researcher that uses ZULF NMR tools to listen to “the music of nuclear spins” in molecules down at the bottom of the frequency range. The signals are very small; therefore, measuring them is hard! A cup represents an optically pumped magnetometer: a surface sensor (vs conventional coils in high-field NMR). Hats of the players have arrows (i.e., nuclear spins). A mouse represents the noise that we always fight.