The Networking Activity THEIA – Strange Hadrons and the Equation-of-State of Compact Stars is a cooperation of world-leading experimentalists and theoreticians in the field of strangeness nuclear physics within the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020 Project STRONG2020. Josef Pochodzalla is spokesperson of THEIA.


The REIMEI program on "Systems with two strange quarks at FAIR and J-PARC" is a bilateral work between Germany, represented by the Mainz University and Japan, supported by Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA). The cooperation is lead by Kiyoshi Tanida from the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) and Josef Pochodzalla.


Precision studies of single hypernuclei are performed at the MAMI within the A1 collaboration. The experiments at MAMI are performed in cooperation with scientists from Japan at Tohoku University in Sendai and Kyoto University.


Scientist from HIM are also participating in the E07 Experiment at J-PARC. This experiment is the most ambitious and complex emulsion experiment, studying doubly strange nuclear systems.


The NUSTAR Collaboration is devoted to the study of NUclear STructure, Astrophysics, and Reactions. Within NUSTAR, the WASA@FRS Collaboration is studying the production of hypernuclei by nuclear fragmentation in peripheral nucleus-nucleus collisions.


Former EU Networks:

  • 7th European Framework Programme HadronPhysics2: Networking Activity SPHERE – Strange particles in hadronic environment research in Europe



  • 7th European Framework Programme HadronPhysics2: Networking Activity FAIRnet – A worldwide research networking activity for experiments on QCD at FAIR



  • 6th European Framework Programme HadronPhysics: Joint Research Activity HyperGamma – High luminosity hypernuclear gamma spectroscopy